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A solid business plan improves your chances of being successful by giving you direction, visualising potential risks, assessing viability, and assisting with planning. We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We’ve been in your shoes several times and we totally understand the challenges you’re facing. You are more than welcomed to leverage our 12 years or experience.

Regardless if you are looking for seed money to test your idea and launch your product, or if you have identified your market fit and you are looking to raise money to grow, we are here to help. We've spent years in building strong relationships with Angel investors and VCs from all over the globe form Silicon Valley, to New York, to the UK, to Japan, to Russia, to South Africa and India. Having raised more than $100M so far, there's no reason not to trust us.

Our mission is to make your life easier and help you grow. For that reason we’ve put together an amazing cross functional team of super talented individuals that can help you grow faster on a project basis. Since 2008 we’ve built more than 100 apps, games, platforms and websites.

Product market fit is probably the biggest challenge for all early stage startups. Failing to do so, may kill your company. Having helped hundreds of companies to introduce their products and services to the market and win their first customers, we can definitely raise your chances to succeed.

Solid strategy, clear goals, measurable results, 360 approach, constant fine tuning of all marketing efforts based on data. Having helped hundreds of companies spanning from small e-shops, to global SaaS companies, to niche service providers, to large regional companies we have the right playbook to reach your goals.That's how we delivered more than 30M customers to our clients so far.

Growing and expanding to new markets is an exciting step for every company, but it is also a very challenging task. It requires deep knowledge of the target market on many different levels including among others legal, finance, compliance, technology, competition even local culture and standards. Our diverse team of experts brings on the table a long track record of successfully launched across the globe. From Europe, to the US, to Northern Africa, to Sub-Saharan Africa, to Middle East and Latin America.

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About Jynglee

We are not just well-trained professionals. We are real experts with more than 12 years of experience!

We are flexible, efficient and reliable. We take great pride in offering our clients the highest level of services in order to assist them in achieving their business and personal goals. We see every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success, by conducting business under a strict code of ethics. Our special force consists of successful entrepreneurs, veteran investors, business consultants and domain experts. Our job is to make your life easier!

We understand your needs and the challenges you are facing. We are entrepreneurs ourselves!

We know from first hand that "one size, doesn't fit all". That's exactly the reason we offer our services in any way that suits you best. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, remote working professionals, remote companies who need an EU based corporate vehicle or small and medium size business owners who are looking to expand their international business.

We are not here just to help you get started. We will fuel all your needs and we'll help you overcome any obstacle!

We can help you to do business and grow in almost any market in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Within the last 15 years we have built an extensive network of reputable banks, VCs, angel investors, partners and market experts across Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, the UK, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada and of course the US (mainly Silicon Valley, New York, Texas and Washington).

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